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Discipline and Tier 16 Bonuses

Tier 16 is coming, and with that comes new gear and new set bonuses... what this also means is an opportunity to see where these bonuses will play.

Vestments of Ternion Glory

2 Piece- While Archangel is active, your critical chance is increased by 10%.

- This, while normally not exceptionally exciting, allows us to continue to scale well with crit. An extra 10% not only will create DA more reliably (and assuming you are triggering Archangel when additional healing is needed). Further, when activated along with Spirit Shell, you also now have more crit in the calculation providing an additional 10% scaling to your SS.

4 Piece - While Spirit Shell is active, you gain 10% haste and 3500 mastery.

- When we first saw this we were still recovering from Spirit Shell being reduced to a 10 second bufftime, and the 4pc seemed more of a bone being tossed our way to mitigate this loss-- and in a way, it is.  However, 3500 mastery is nothing to ignore either! That alone is an increase to our base healing, and any incidental PW:S (or DA's from bouncing POMs or other residual heals) we cast are going to benefit from the absorption bonus as well.  Perhaps the more important part of this 4pc bonus is the added 10% haste. This added 10% haste is going to be exceptionally important should we want to get our casts of POH/GH off during Spirit Shell's uptime.

Lets take a look at the math:

POH has a base cast time of 2.5 seconds. Since the cast needs to complete while you have Spirit Shell active, you have 10 seconds to fit these in. S o default SS will allow 2.5/10 or 4 casts of POH assuming no haste-- and assuming no movement or delay in those 10 seconds. However, we have the set bonus, haste rating, raid haste, and Borrowed Time to leverage.

Basic Formula: (( Desired # of Casts * Cast Time/ Spirit Shells Duration)/Haste -1)

Assuming No Haste:

((5*2.5/10)/1-1)= 25% Haste Required for 5 POH's in 10 Seconds

Lets take a look, under a series of assumptions, what haste % we would need to gain our 5th POH/GH cast under Spirit Shell. ( with and without 5% raid haste, activating SS with Borrowed Time on the first cast, and 4-piece set bonus.)

5 Casts of PoH/GHeal During Spirit Shell

With Raid Haste
Haste Effects Haste % Rating
BT & 4pc 4.98% 2,116
4pc 8.23% 3,496
BT 15.48% 6,577
Nothing 19.05% 8,095
Without 5% Raid Haste
Haste Effects Haste % Rating
BT & 4pc 10.23% 4,347
4pc 13.64% 5,795
BT 21.25% 9,031
Nothing 25.00% 10,625

Now, I urge folks to NOT chase a specific haste figure. Why? Well unlike traditional HoT/DoT breakpoints, those breakpoints do not require each tick to be cast by the user. Calculating without a buffer for movement or delay will now reduce you to only 4 casts under the effects of Spirit Shell.  With that in mind, recalculating building in a second for delay, or you can aim for these as MINIMUMS. Much like all "haste breakpoint models", differences in in-game rounding and rounding in these charts can account for a point or two swing.

What do we learn from this information?

The chart shows that if Spirit Shell min/max is critical to your raid and your performance, then getting your 4-piece bonus is going to be key. Outside of that, the other important thing we learn from these calculations is that Discipline priests should be leading in every Spirit Shell with Borrowed Time. Missing out on that initial 15% cast time reduction is going to be critical if we want/need to get off casts of POH during Spirit Shell.

What we made clear in the front was that this does not provide any leeway regarding movement or latency. Lets assume we have full second lost during Spirit Shell's bufftime giving us 9 seconds. To get 5 casts in there, with 5% from your raid, Borrowed Time and our 4pc bonus... you'd need 16.64% haste for 5 casts-- that is a lot of haste, and far more than we'd want to incorporate as a Discipline Priest. This means we'll need to be certain we are casting Spirit Shell when we know we'll have minimal movement. (if any at all)

This begs the question: With 1 second of movement will we even be able to get 4 casts in? 

4 Casts of PoH/GHeal in 9 Seconds (Movement)

With 5% Raid Haste
Haste Effects Haste % Rating
BT & 4pc - -
4pc - -
BT 1.85% 787
Nothing 5.82% 2,474
Without 5% Raid Haste
Haste Effects Haste % Rating
BT & 4pc - -
4pc 1.01% 429
BT 6.94% 2,951
Nothing 11.11% 4,722

So again, leading with the 4pc and Borrowed Time will be critical in insuring that you get at least your 4 casts in--- and potentially your 5th cast (previous graph). That is the trick: will that 5th cast be possible with any movement? (seems unlikely or at the very least rather difficult)

Related, you CAN continue to use Power Infusion (on every other spirit shell) to meet breakpoints. Below is a breakdown of haste levels required when Power Infusion is in effect with 1 second of Movement/Latency.

5 Casts of PoH/GHeal in 9 Seconds (PI & Movement)

With 5% Raid Haste
Haste Effects Haste % Rating
BT & 4pc - -
4pc 0.21% 89
BT 6.92% 2,942
Nothing 10.23% 4,347
Without 5% Raid Haste
Haste Effects Haste % Rating
BT & 4pc 22.47% 9,552
4pc 26.26% 11,162
BT 34.72% 14,757
Nothing 38.89% 16,528

Does this mean we HAVE to take Power Infusion? No... if your raid is doing minimal movement, you might work out better electing to use another Level 75 talent, or use PI at a different point of the encounter.

Our set bonuses, while feeling like a method of off settting the Spirit Shell nerf will allow a Disc Priest to continue to leverage Spirit Shell and Archangel to the best of our abilities. We should be gearing and playing to expect 4 casts per Spirit Shell, however leveraging situations that allow for 5 casts.

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