Introducing the Official H2P Blog!

HowToPriest has been bringing you forum discussions and content since it opened its doors February 6, 2011 and acquired the domain in 2012. The next part of this exciting project is going to be the official HowToPriest Blog! 

The blog will have all original content, and articles by the admin and moderation team as well as guest posts by our Senior Members!

Additionally the H2P Blog will be the exclusive home for all new content from our existing bloggers Derevka, from Tales of a Priest  and Twintop from Shadow Orbs and Mindspikes.

Blog Posts Will Include

  • Theorycrafting
  • Charts
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • General discussion that is beyond the scope and depth of a more traditional forum post

Discussions of each of these blog posts will live in  a new sub forum on

In addition, Derevka and Twintop will be leading up the editorial team, so please visit or PM either of them with post suggestions, topics, and or bids for guest posts. The look and design of the blog may change as we update the blog platform and add more features and services. Additionally, you can also sign up to our RSS feed using this URL  in your RSS reader.

Welcome! And enjoy! We look forward to all the discussion and feedback to these posts!

-The H2P Team

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