In our Darkest Hour, Holy Shines

I'll start writing this before we kill it, before we have had that final success of the expansion and the thrill that comes with it. I joined my guild Incarnate the week before Hellfire Citadel came out, slotted as a Holy Priest, and my heart was in knots. For those who don't know me, I am Jakbcastin from Nerzhul US, a 12/13 Mythic Holy Priest, and the author of the healing guides on HowToPriest.

My previous guild had lost their disc priest, their GM, and one of my best friends in the game. Starting a new job, uncertainty of new leadership and the disgust of playing a spec I detested I chose to look elsewhere on my realm. One of the officers of Incarnate, Wycked, vouched for me and I informed the new GM of Last Word of my intentions. He was cordial, but I felt a bit of a drift be created and hearing the jokes behind my back that I'd leave a guild to play a 'weaker' class made my blood boil. I came to Incarnate with something to prove, I was out for blood, but also fearful.

I did significant PTR testing for 6.2 testing many of the bosses, trinkets and set bonuses, as I was starting my position at HowToPriest. From streaming, Twitter and H2P I met a great deal of the Mythic Holy Priests in the West, but when I discovered many were leaving the spec I grew fearful. Even many of my idols for when I was learning Holy had rerolled or quit the game, and I was about to enter the most competitive environment I had ever been in, with a spec I didn't know if I could swing to work. I love Holy, it is my obsession in this game, so I told myself I'd make it work even if I was the only one playing it.

From the start of joining Incarnate I was worried that I would receive similar treatment from my previous guild, a questioning of my spec rather than the operator behind the screen. Before getting to know my guild I was prepared for any arguments with a massive chip on my shoulder. To my joy I had none of this, I have a straight shooting Guild Master that looks at how I do my job regardless of what I am playing. A heal team that appreciates me for the awareness that I bring, the skill that I possess, and the friendship I've built with them.....even if I do strafe incessantly like a "retarded squirrel".

In lore, Holy Priests are the primary healers of the Church while Shadow is seen as a cult and Discipline are the Church defenders. In my eyes I would also see Holy's as underdogs, maybe even looked down upon for their lack of strength in battle, which applies quite nicely to Holy's current state. Most of all, I see the Holy Priest as a bastion of limitless hope and determination. That hope in a better tomorrow and that determination to never stop trying, no matter how dire things get. I'm not one for role playing, but I see these traits in all of the few Holy Priests left that I've met through my adventures in this game; it is our defining quality.

Progressing as a Holy Priest has been tough; I won't lie about that. It has taken a ton of my gaming time to figure out how to squeeze out Holy at the highest level possible. To evolve past what others thought was possible for us, to be equals with our fellow throughputs and be exceptional as we out-skill them. The result? Holy has become one of the most difficult specs to master that I've ever played in this game, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This tier has been rough for the Holy Priest, but I will not accept losing my raid spot to a similar spec because their raid cooldown is fatter, or X class performing better than your spec on this fight before I've even attempted it. I have strived to push the boundaries of my spec, in the scumbag scenarios of Zakuun, to our biggest hour of need on Mannoroth. I love World of Warcraft, I love healing raids, I love Holy, it is a viable healer at the highest level of Mythic raiding, and I don't fucking give up.



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