Live Blogging from BlizzCon (Day 1 + 2)

12:32pm - Tons of quality of life and streamlining changes. The new stats seem......interesting.

12:03pm - RIP OQ

12:00pm - Garrison screenshot had Dance Studio as a building option...troll or real?

11:48am - Bye bye daily quests! (For the most part).

11:39am - You can only get loot off of a boss once per week in normal and heroic, but, you can kill te same bosses more than once. Number of drops scales wit the number of people who can get loot off that boss.

11:36am - Each difficulty is a different lockout, everything except Mythic is cross server. Trash may or may not be more difficult on Mythic as well.

11:28am - Getting ready for the dungeons and raids panel to start. Live raid was entertaining!


4:00pm - Was able to play the starting quests area of Shadowmoon Valley. None of the existing talents or abilities have been updated or changed. The level 100 talents are visible but not learnable (I tweeted these earlier). A gear squish was present on te machines with 80/160 gems becoming 8/16 gems; overall, HP sizes and stats/damage being at ICC Wrath levels.

1:57pm - Lots of quality of life UI improvements for PvP.

1:48pm - Pretty major shakeup on the PvE raiding front. LFR is still the lowest level but is now known as Flex, still queued but will scale 10-25. The curremt flex is now the new normal and scales 10-25. Old normal is now heroic and also scales 10-25. Old heroic is now Mythic and is tuned to 20 players. Assuming that heroic and mytyhic share a lockout (like normal and heroic do now), you could possibly do heroic (old normal) farm content with 25 players to get more gear for subs. Not a terrible design, but Im sure this will be a lot like the raid size change wityh BC. What is itnwityh going to Draenor and messing with raid sizes!?

1:29pm - Item updates! My back and shoulders have been killing me lugging all this stuff around!

1:27pm - Garrisons is going to be its own bucket of theorycrafting.

1:09pm - The new zonez that were shown off look very finished. New models are very polished as well.

12:45pm - Seems like this might be only one of several continents on Draenor.

12:30pm - Gettimg the deetz on WoD.

11:41am - WoW announcement -- get ready for the Corgis!

11:34am - iPhone Hearthstone announced, followed by me cursing about te lack of an Android version...followed by extreme cheers. 😀

11:31am - Elite Tauren Chieftain card is almost as great as thr HotS cinematic-

11:17am - That Heroes of the Storm cinematic was the best thing ever. Holy shit.

11:15am - WoW details "soon". Oh you trollolol. 🙂

11:00am - Here. We. GO!

10:55am - Not breaking news, but, Warlords of Draenor all but confirmed now thanks to some sloppy editing of livestream into footage. Blizzard came soooo close to not leaking anything!

10:15am - Main hall is getting pretty full. People around me are starting to get a little antsy (who can blame them!). 45 more minutes....

9:30am - Sitting in the main hall waiting for the festivities to start! If you want to say "Hi!" Im in the second group of seats, 5 rows back,in front of pillar D12!

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