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Donz < Shadow >

Donz < Shadow >

Postby cabibi64 » 23 Mar 2011, 15:06


haven't been lucky enough to get tier shoulders or Nefs' or Atramedes' versions. Also the mirror of twin drakes has yet to grace me. But other any that im looking for overview :D thanks
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Re: Donz < Shadow >

Postby grumpebear » 07 Apr 2011, 10:30

You are hungry to use those newly acquired epics it looks like.
Craft yourself a Belt of the Depths, and use your Ramkahen hit/haste boots until you have enough stats from either 372 or other pieces to effectively fit in your Belt of Arcane storms/Galloshes. You're under hit cap, and its because of those items locking you into reforging to get there. Don't ever reforge haste to hit/spirit like you have on your gloves/legs. Thats really bad! Go get the items above, and the VP vendor mastery/spirit ring instead of wasting the haste. I used that ring for a long time and i was even Draenei. Shoot for your 2281 haste before Dark Intent. I suggest reforgenator as well, just dont follow it to a 'T'. Sometimes it will suggest haste to hit reforges, dont, find a different option.
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