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Dragonwrath on 4.3

Dragonwrath on 4.3

Postby Anshlun » 26 Oct 2011, 18:02

Hello everyone,

Tonight I did some research on the PTR towards the said nerf about the % proc for Shadow Priests.

Seems like that the nerf for us has been 25%, which is , right now on the PTR, 7.5% proc chance, against 10% right now on Live.

Follow the log analysis, two logs spamming Mind Flay (to track the proc properly) for 10 minutes on each run:

4.2 Live Parse:
http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/kys4 ... details/2/

4.3 PTR Parse:
http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/3ukk ... etails/27/

Now comes the questions, will it be better even with T13h staff? (probably, but still an open question)

And, will it be better for T14 in any circumstances?
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Re: Dragonwrath on 4.3

Postby Valiane » 26 Oct 2011, 22:37

You wont replace it for T13 HC weps.

Since the proc doesnt have a "top dmg" range, and actually just duplicates the spell it might, depending on the jump in sp/int from now til T14, still be viable, unless they cap the effect at lvl 85 which i very much doubt.

I predict that we will probably be using it in T14
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Re: Dragonwrath on 4.3

Postby Blackmorgrim » 27 Oct 2011, 07:02

If there's any chance we'd use this weapon in the next expansion's first tier, it will be nerfed so we won't. Most likely this nerf will be in the form of a decreased proc chance for players over 85.
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Re: Dragonwrath on 4.3

Postby Darkwich » 25 Jun 2012, 00:26

Does the proc actually work on MS and MB? I was testing it on dummies end even running myself oom I didn't see any procs in my scrolling combat text (evesdrop).
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Re: Dragonwrath on 4.3

Postby Kilee » 25 Jun 2012, 00:45

Hey Darkwich, it does proc, but it's labeled as "mind spike" and "mind blast", so it's pretty tough to tell just looking at recount and/or combat logs. You can see in the combat log it will say something like "Dragonwrath casts Mind Spike".

Dots work a little differently, hence why the test on Mind Flay.
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