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DR on spirit?

DR on spirit?

Postby dogwolfkid2 » 02 May 2012, 16:42

I have been talking with my guild about priests. And randomly someone starts talking about Diminishing returns on spirit for anything over 2700 spirit. I have never seen anything about this before. So I guess my question is, is there really DR on spirit at 2700? And should I drop down to the 2700 spirit mark?
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Re: DR on spirit?

Postby Ashleycakez » 02 May 2012, 18:39

No there isn't, but for Disc (or maybe even Holy) you might find that having that much Spirit is not even worth it. In that case you will benefit more from reforging excess Spirit to Haste, Crit or Mastery.

Only you can tell how much Spirit is enough for you. No one else can really pinpoint that number for yourself.
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