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Low DPS Help requested

Low DPS Help requested

Postby jmr1969 » 10 Oct 2011, 14:59

So my toon is a Shadow Priest His Name is Igotcandy on the PVP Server Torthedrin.
I think my gear is fine but my dps sucks here of late. My rotation starts out with the three DOTS VP DP SWP then i Mind Blast not waiting on any orbs then i Mind Flay till MB is up again or till i need to refresh my 2 dots. the best Firelands DPS ive done sorry i dont have any logs was around 17k i am one of top 5 in the guild as far as gear goes. It was late one nite i bout the wrong 378 ring so i put my 359 back on i have not reforged do to cost since i bought the wrong ring and the right wand ?
The Add-Ons i use are DBM Quartz Shadow Timers Omen and Recount. The Hunter smokes me and my coworker stays that per cata priests where number 1 DPS class which I dont believe but thats neither here nor there. as far as dot clipping not sure that is still possible but quartz has tick marks in the cast bars and after that last tick i might cut it there. I Think with my gear i should be able to hit 22k + but you tell me.
My build is a 10 0 31 that could be wrong.
But I really appreciate any priestly advice.
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Re: Low DPS Help requested

Postby Arlee » 12 Oct 2011, 13:13

Well you should take the two points out of paralysis and put those two into veiled shadows instead. Shadow Fiend is used as a dps cd and the more you can use the bugger the better.

You have the rep so buy and replace the stopwatch.

Otherwise you look pretty good. Do you happen to have any logs? I didn't see your guild listed on World of Logs.
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