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Spell Priorites and add on

Spell Priorites and add on

Postby Senate97 » 11 Feb 2011, 19:08


I came across this forum while surfing EJ. I am just wondering if you guys can advice me on the spell priorities as shadow priest and the kind of recommended add-ons for this.

Thanks all :)
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Re: Spell Priorites and add on

Postby Tymefor » 11 Feb 2011, 20:49

this is a great mod for training you in our dps priority system.

3 spell icons in a box
left most is what you should have just cast
middle is what you should be casting now or on next gcd
right is what the next spell priority is

can be configured to suit playstyle once you get the hang of basic priorities.

http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addo ... elter.aspx

also id refer you to the beginners forum post by newnoise as a more comprehensive guide to shadow

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Re: Spell Priorites and add on

Postby Azorr » 22 Mar 2011, 08:24

I would also recommend MFclip for a priority chart, it can tell you what spells are comming off of CD, what DoTs are about to expire, and even lets you adjust the "zoom" timer so that it will zoom in on a dot as it is getting closer to the end, making it easier to know when to refrest. It is also dynamic so that you can see how haste procs will affect your casts. Lastly, it will report number of ticks cut off or missed on dots and give you a report on approximate dps loss.

Already has helped me my pointing out that I tent to refrest VT waaaay too much.
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Re: Spell Priorites and add on

Postby Veiled » 22 Mar 2011, 09:01

I think there's an addon called Spellflash. I used to use it so I could remember to buff myself (lol, I'm a nerd). It would always flash which spell it thinks you should use next, but I haven't seen it in Cataclysm.
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Re: Spell Priorites and add on

Postby Newnoise » 22 Mar 2011, 11:28

As Tyme said, facemelter can be great for getting a handle on DPSing as a Shadow Priest. A word of caution though, it will only take you so far. Once you have learned what is has to teach you, I would stop using it and start more independent reasoning. That will take your DPS to the next level.
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Re: Spell Priorites and add on

Postby Blackmorgrim » 22 Mar 2011, 21:11

Tidyplates is incredible for tracking dots on multiple targets. I've been looking for a mod like this forever, and its the first one that doesn't clutter up my enter screen with bars.
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