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by Woaden » 25 Oct 2012, 06:21

I was going to reply more concisely and on point in another thread but I felt myself getting rather long winded so decided to bring it over here:

Veiled wrote:I don't think guildox is a reliable source of information for priests.

It's... difficult to find accurate resources for Priests outside of here and a handful of great blogs. As someone who came back to this game only a few months ago after almost a two year break I can say I was saddened by the seeming lack of good information out there.

I mean Kilee was the only guide north of decent which is disheartening. Not that Kille's guide wasn't great but when I left in Wrath there were 3 or more decent Shadow guides besides mine. You had great discussions going on in multiple forums.

I'm overwhelmingly thankful that How To Priest came along because it's the perfect combination of great information, discussions, theorycrafting, advice and the general Priest community and awesomeness that's fairly unique among subsets of MMO players.

I mean as long as there continues to be an influx of 'new blood', a wide variety of subjects under discussion and a near constant challenging of our current Theorycrafting (for better or worse sometimes, lol) I'll be happy.

There can be solid discussions sometimes over at the MMO-Champ forums, but half of it comes from Mods / Senior members here and is littered with links to H2P or Twintop's blog, etc. The main page has linked to some bad resources before. I will say that they tend to bring in a larger amount of EU players than H2P does atm however I've gotten the feeling that our EU community has been steadily growing since MoP launch.

I will say that it can be fun to see people from here in the Official WoW Priest forums or MMO-Champ. Hell the WoW forums are essentially a Priest hangout where we BS while surrounded by 80% Bitch and Complain worthy threads and the other 20% a mix of new Priests and people asking the same question that's been asked 30 times already. We do get to see x-mogs over there and make fun of how silly Panda avatars look.
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by Marathal » 25 Oct 2012, 07:26

I definitely agree Woaden. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to help my wife with her DK or Shaman, and gone to Icy Veins or other sites. Yeah a lot of them have decent information on stat values and bullet points on spells and what they do, but no where will you find the level of in depth answers to the #1 question.

You tell me to use these values and talents, But why?

Even when was in it's prime you could find a dozen other sites with information, even Elitest Jerks which last I checked no longer had a SP guide, some was copied directly from Kilee, some were just flat out wrong because the information was never updated when changes came.

I take what is posted here, and read why certain things are best and try to work it into my play style. Right now I am getting use to sometimes changing talents, Gasp, yeah I know right. Point being many places will tell people use this, take these glyphs, use these enchants. Here at least you can see, that for X fight going with this combo will allow you to benefit from Y, and here is the math to support it.
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by Arlee » 25 Oct 2012, 07:51

A lot of the reason for the overlap between here and MMO-C is because those of us who were here when Veiled started this site were on MMO-C because it was the only place to have good conversation about priesting and stuff. By that point was already pretty much defunct. There was a lot of good info there, but it was often littered among old info.

There is a thread somewhere on MMO-C where the conversation was had that we needed a better resource where things could be kept better up to date and stuff, and I think that is when Veiled decided to bite the bullet and start this site.

It's sort of funny to think back about everything that has happened since though. When this was first started a lot of people were defensive about and were very slow to warm-up about it. I was sort of hesitant about it because so often these things seem to be more about ego trips than anything else. But I was quickly won over on that :)

Slightly more ontopic, the most important thing to me is to get the information out to people and get people to understand why things work. It's one of the reasons I have such affection for Kilee and Twintop (idk you very well yet Woaden) because they figure things out, somehow manage to keep their cool when explaining things that would make my head explode that people are asking, and don't get into the whole ego side of things. It's a great thing for everyone really.
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by Woaden » 25 Oct 2012, 20:48

Arlee wrote:(idk you very well yet Woaden)

In Wrath it was different but as of now I see my role as more of a collator that disseminates information. I mostly fail at math here for the same reason I fail at it in Physics: I'm not always sure what the formulae should be taking into account.

Downsides I can at times range from curt to asshatish. Plus side is that I'm quick to accept and outright admit when I'm shown to be wrong when shown why.

I will say that my ego has lowered somewhat this x-pac but I'm still Kind of a Big Deal in case anyone hasn't heard.
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by empe » 26 Oct 2012, 19:03

I like this site, but I think only recently it has started to mature. I think having a new expac and new blood has made a huge difference.

During TBC, I loved the dungeons and raids subsection for ( After mid Wrathish, it seemed good intell on raids dropped off. I'd like to see H2P become the resource the was during TBC.

Advice to mods: keep the Theorycrafting and Raids & Dungeons in order. I always see one thread that belongs in the other.
Good example is:


More of a Theorycrafting thread than instance type.
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by Woaden » 26 Oct 2012, 20:19

empe wrote:Advice to mods: keep the Theorycrafting and Raids & Dungeons in order. I always see one thread that belongs in the other.

That's a fair critique. I moved a few so that at least the first pages are properly sorted.
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