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Muti-Dotting When & Where?

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Muti-Dotting When & Where?

Postby Bayledomon » 11 Feb 2014, 12:45

I feel that I play shadow at an average level. I won't wow you with numbers but I can stay alive through encounters rarely dying to boss mechanics. However, I do want to improve my multi-dotting during fights where appropriate.

For instance, on Heroic Galakras (25 man), there are lots of adds to deal with and usually one priority or burn target. Recently, while running this encounter, I VT/SWP the main target, then VT/SWP all the secondary ones. Sometimes this is just two additional but sometimes there are up to 5 targets.

Do I apply VT/SWP to all the adds? Or do I just apply SWP and refresh on all the secondary ones while keeping VT/SWP on the main? Will SWP keep my TOF times up? The reason I ask it seems that while on secondary targets, I may have to move because of ground damage, thus causing me to recast VT, hence lowering my uptimes.

I typically do about 240-250 DPS on this fight at a 562 ilvl. I feel like I should be doing more and was looking to get some advice from the experts here on the forums.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Muti-Dotting When & Where?

Postby Lunedoree » 11 Feb 2014, 19:19

See viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1701#p12749

V. Strategies

Many encounters involve movement, downtime and multiple targets. As a Shadow Priest you can't expect to do reasonable DPS unless you take advantage of our strengths and recognize our weaknesses.

Multiple Targets:
Many of the encounters we are seeing have many different mobs in them which is of course freaking awesome for us! I would suggest that you take the following as guidelines but you should use your own judgement and apply them to the reality of your situation and your capabilities.

If you're looking at 2-4 long lived mobs (including boss) you will want to keep both VT and SW:P up on them, while still doing your normal single target priorities.

For 5 long lived mobs you want to VT and SW:P all of them and use MS as filler.

More than 5 you're just spamming MS for maximum damage. NOTE: When MS spamming you will run yourself oom if you're not throwing out / maintaining a few VTs. So while your damage will be lowered slightly by throwing out VTs that damage loss is nothing compared to ooming and doing ZERO DPS.

For council style fights where you have ~4 targets with high health taking full damage: DoT them all. Anytime you can DoT the world and have them last their full duration that's what you're doing. DoT ALL the things. This takes some reflexes, practice and quick judgement but it's huge.

On Mind Sear - It's best to use a tank as your target so that you're more likely to hit all the mobs and so that you won't have to change targets and recast if you didn't select the longest lived mob.
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