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disc,holy or both?

disc,holy or both?

Postby zelkova » 21 Nov 2012, 19:34

Hey guys just wanted to start off saying big fan of the forums, long time reader first time poster.

So here is my question. Started out MoP as holy since disc wasn't in the greatest of spots and holy seemed easier for learning to manage mana. Now that I've gained more gear I'm wanting to go disc, but seeing as some raid fights seem to lean more towards holy I was curious if it would be viable to run both specs with the same gear. I wasn't sure if that would just take away to much from the other spec since one is haste heavy other is mastery heavy. Curious to see what you guys think!

** side note does grace effects SS if your tank shielding? I didn't see anything about it in the disc guide.

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Re: disc,holy or both?

Postby DerrHans » 27 Nov 2012, 01:46

Im using my holy gear on my disc spec..
Raiding as holy on more fights than others..

I can reforge outside the raid but its to time consuming.

Holy i got 4741 Haste rating and 5.9k mastery which will be more after the upgrade spree when patch is live tomorrow. (ilvl 480 if ur wondering)

Using that as disc as well, haste isnt all that bad since there is quite a bit of movement during a few fights. So i say go both and every piece u can get with mastery/crit to chance for the haste pieces grab it and keep them for disc.
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