Shadow priest in need of help.

Shadow priest in need of help.

Postby Scarecrow » 26 Dec 2011, 08:32

My dps is crap in raids. I'm around 13-16k.
Spell rotation:
VT-> SDW:P-> DP-> MF->MF-> Popping arch->MB repeat cycle.
Any suggestion with rotations? Enchants? Gear?
All help is appreciated.
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Re: Shadow priest in need of help.

Postby Dahk » 26 Dec 2011, 21:20

Your gear is what it is, it appears you just picked up your priest again, so just pick up upgrades where you can.

13-16k in your set up is pretty bad. Whatever that rotation is forget it. I would suggest reading this sticky post, then re-read it a few more times until you have it committed to memory. Make sure you have a dot timer addon and a way to track important buffs like empowered shadow.

Read this:
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Re: Shadow priest in need of help.

Postby Arlee » 29 Dec 2011, 13:10

Your Gemming confuses me... +40 crit, +54int/reduce Silence Duration meta, haste/hit, +10 all stats...

You are at 17.56% hit which is way too much, especially considering that you are gemming for hit and gemming for Spirit bonuses...

There's just too much to go into. My suggestion would be to make your gear look like this:

Obviously feel free to replace any gem with the same epic version. The biggest thing with this is you gain 231 Spell Power while maintaining the 2589 haste point and having 17.05% hit.

As for your opening, I do agree you should read through Kilee's guide. Anything I would say would be a repeat of that and he does a great job of explaining it all in his guide.
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