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haste+spirit vs crit+mastery

Re: haste+spirit vs crit+mastery

Postby Decoy » 21 Apr 2013, 10:20

Checked Jhazrun's armory yesterday. He had yellow haste gems and green haste/spirit gems, gear reforged to haste. If I remember right, his stats were like ~22,2% haste total, ~13% crit and ~17% mastery. Talented Twist of Fate; Smite and Holy Fire glyphs.
I checked his armory today and he has nothing equipped. Perhaps I witnessed the born of new metagame? :D

2 the topic: Personally I like heavy haste setup, although I cant tell whether haste >, =, < mastery/crit (too lazy to do maths (my maths is quite bad ;D)), might be worth trying. Most interesting "combination" of stats could be Haste+Crit. Smite-DA machine! MP management might be issue tho. I feel like I should test it.
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Re: haste+spirit vs crit+mastery

Postby Cookie » 21 Apr 2013, 12:52

^You really can't pay much attention to jhazrun's armory, it might be his actual build, he might be trying something out or he's simply trolling:P. A week before that he had something silly like ~20k spirit without binding heal glyphed. Twist of fate on the other hand is a very underestimated talent as disc, there are several fights where you can have a very high uptime on it in this tier.

The only reasonable scenario I can see for Haste pulling ahead is fights that work really well from Smite Healing and needing a lot of Prayer of Healing's and frequently. Even then, I wouldn't stack haste to gimp Crit/Mastery.

Well, yes you'd have to cast a shitload of fillers for haste to even come close to crit/mastery. The problem is that the fillers are outright worse than the cds (both in hpm and hps) so you never cast just fillers. Smite is simply worse than hf/penance. PoH is simply worse than PoM/cascade/penance.
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