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SW:D Sniping

SW:D Sniping

Postby Drodin » 25 May 2013, 06:37

I did a search, but I hope I did not miss an older thread on the topic.

I wanted to know what fellow SPs did to monitor opportunities to snipe trash and adds in the heat of battle. 20% window can come and go when you are juggling other actions. And its CD can be untimely. In my mind, I can think of cool modifications that would alert me to it. Since I played a healing priest most of my WoW career, I keep a raid frame up like VuhDo. I open up the target frames and bind hostile actions like SW:Death hoping to catch a chance.

Along the same line, does anyone ever glyph Glyph of Shadow Word: Death? I can't see this appealing to any situation as it will strain healing.
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Re: SW:D Sniping

Postby Nixx » 25 May 2013, 07:29

Tidyplates + mouseover SW:D
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