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Dots Scale

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Dots Scale

Postby infi » 10 Mar 2013, 03:08

Simple questing: which buffs scale dynamic with dots? I meen Intel, Haste, Crit, Mastery or other buffs. And which dots i need refresh after and before buff is gone.
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Re: Dots Scale

Postby Woaden » 10 Mar 2013, 03:28

Snapshot stats when cast / refreshed. Mastery ticks are calculated at the time (iirc).
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Re: Dots Scale

Postby Blackmorgrim » 10 Mar 2013, 10:08

However, as a note, Blizz did add a failsafe to our crit on dots, after the normal duration (6 tick periods) has passed, our crit value is reassessed.
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Re: Dots Scale

Postby Uglyshade » 10 Mar 2013, 10:21

Is it not the normal duration considering haste? So if the haste you have when dots land you will have 8 ticks that will crit at 8085 hate. And not only 6 ticks whatever the situation?(that would be very bad:X)
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