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[10] Ji-Kun - Heroic

[10] Ji-Kun - Heroic

Postby Woaden » 05 Mar 2013, 23:39

Discussion on Ji-Kun the Heroic mode encounter for 10 player raids will be conducted here.

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Recommended Talents:
Solace and Insanity
Power Infusion
Divine Star

Recommended Glyphs:
Glyph of Dark Binding
Glyph of Weakened Soul
Glyph of Inner Fire

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Re: [10] Ji-Kun - Heroic

Postby tsim » 11 Apr 2013, 16:02


What talents do you guys think for a shadow priest in nest grp?

I got 2nd(lower) 1st (up) 2nd(lower) and 1st(up) aka 3 nest guardians.

I've been running with PI and solace/DS, but tried PI/DI/DS - and the DI seemed to work well.

What are you guys running with?

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Re: [10] Ji-Kun - Heroic

Postby Shardstorm » 11 Apr 2013, 20:30

We are still progressing with this, I am in the 2nd, 4th, 8th and 10th groups, so same as above. I have used SW:I, PI, and DS. PI is used on Ji-Kun at pull, I haven't had it line up badly and we don't need extra dps on nests so I am happy with that.

For nests I will DS as I land, SW:P three, and focus the last. DP3 and MF:I just wrecks them. Usually by the time mine is dead my WW Monk buddy has killed his and dots and cleave have the other two around 50. We mop those up and then switch to the guardian if the tank and cleave hasn't finished it. For the pairs we just focus one each and dot/cleave to the other. We have a habitual understanding that he goes left and I go right for all sets. Works exceptionally well. We're waiting on our healers to get across that they can't miss nests, and the dps in general needs to get better at nutriment. But nests are not our issue.
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Re: [10] Ji-Kun - Heroic

Postby Hunger » 12 Apr 2013, 14:58

I found SWI / PI / DS to work best.

Enough of the fight is spent standing still dpsing Ji-kun to make SWI shine. PI works well with the primal nutriment buff. DS seemed to work best due to range restrictions on platforms.
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Re: [10] Ji-Kun - Heroic

Postby Ymer » 27 May 2013, 08:03

Just started this fight this weekend and I'm in Group B (per the Vox Imortalis video guild) aka nest 2, 8, & 10. What I'm doing is saving my CD's (Beserk/PI/Shadowfiend) for nest 2 & 8. When I get to the nest I target the gaurdian and pop all CD's, switch to my tank and Mind Sear off of him to ensure that all adds get hit. Between me and the Warlock we kill all 4 eggs and the guardian before quills. Same on nest 8, then the Warlock and I fly up to nest 10 and nuke the 2 eggs there. Using this strat we managed 30% on our first night. Very fun fight really. It takes all of your abilities and raid awerness (i.e. don't fall off during Down Draft) to do this fight and win.
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Ji-Kin Buff DPS

Postby desidora » 08 Jul 2013, 01:37

Hell guys and ladies,

I am wondering about my DPS on Ji-Kun HC with buff.
My guild went on the rambo technic. Only do 3 nests down and after the last young feed for grp2 (I was in grp2) we run for bloodlust to nuke Ji-Kun down.

I used at first your talents choices for ji-kun hc (10), but went down with my dps around 110-120k dps.
So, I changed my talents and did go for Solace and Insanity, PI, Halo, beacause I am more often oh the platform and I can use all my cooldowns with pre-pot on the pull. I go here near 300k DPS, but then fell off down to 150- 160 DPS in nest (120k~).
I've got the question about how is the young feed buff stacking with our dmg.
I don't know what to do anymore...
And I don't find anyone, who is using thic technic on Ji-kun, who has a shadow on raid, I could ask to see how much does she or he does...

Maybe you can tell me, how much should I go on Ji-kun.
Arsenal: http://eu.battle.net/wow/de/character/b ... %A9/simple

Hope someone could help me again.
(There is nog log from yesterday, I am sorry, the last one about Ji-kun hcs isn't with our new tactic)

Thank you so far,

Moved to the correct topic ~Woaden
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