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Priestly professions

Re: Priestly professions

Postby Grizzletusk » 20 Mar 2012, 19:11

Arlee wrote:Yea idk what's going on with it and water but I have been having issues with that for awhile now.

What they changed in 4.3 is that you no longer do the air running thing, you just float along. So I imagine that all the people who didn't have the glyph previously now are getting it so they can do the ghostly floating thing.

Silly story, but the night I noticed the change my raid was making fun of me for looking so ridiculous. We all had clone potions from a silly 10 Moonkin Ragnaros kill picture, and I ended up with a train of Grizzlepriests /following me around through Orgrimmar.

Kind of a dopey story but it was a memorable moment.
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Re: Priestly professions

Postby Rubine » 20 Mar 2012, 19:17

I think I am the only one who thinks the levitate change is really stupid looking, and I wish they would change it back! Haha. -.-
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