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[Shadow] Yosea

[Shadow] Yosea

Postby Yazwa » 19 Mar 2012, 03:08

Hi, I play WoW since vanilla, in Fire Lands i was asked to switch to priest. At first i was a healer(starting with disc then played holy on few fights in DS) now i am raiding as shadow and recently got my t13 x 4 set(seems an amazing dps increase for me). This week we are going to attempt hc Warmaster Blackhorn again. If possible i would like to ask you to get some tips how to utilize best as shadow there.

My character - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Yosea/simple

As to trinkets:
I have DMC:V and Bottled Wishes but i feel my current ones fit better.Still never seen a CoTC drop,or WoU.

As to extra buffs during raids:

We don't have a active warlock so no DI, and from what i read in guides and forums if no DI after reaching 2589haste i should focus on mastery.(is that right)?

Also about hagara 10 hc we are dooing it with 4 healers(me as disc) is it viable to heal with Insignia of corrupted Mind(smite spec use AA almost on cd). Do you have any tips that might allow us to get 3 healers instead of 4?

Can't provide logs for now will make some this Wednesday and the link them here.

Thanks for reading, tips, and sorry for my English.
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Re: [Shadow] Yosea

Postby Ruhnaycake » 19 Mar 2012, 14:03

Armory looks fine to me.

Warmaster: If you see a nameplate, put DoTs on it. Win.

Hagara: Tell your healers to push buttons a bit harder to be quite honest. In terms of AA spec with Insignia, that should be fine. If you ever get to DPS for Hagara, I would say Bottled Wishes + Insignia for burst on 4 set during Feedback.
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