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Tracking my bubbles?

Tracking my bubbles?

Postby Carissima » 29 Jan 2012, 18:53

I'd recently had some issues with healing in holy due to spell priorities, and it's going much better. My disc healing is still much lower than it should be with my current gear, and I think that my spell selection and synergy tracking is to blame. My raid leader wants me to go disc most of the time (unless we need to have a spriest go disc, or possibly for specific fights).

Comparing my Madness attempt (I went holy the next night for the kill): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/cqdz ... 741&e=7586 with a top atonement parse: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/m4r2 ... 98&e=10792 I need a lot more uptime on PoM/PoH. I think I was focusing a bit too much on my archangel stacks and PW:S, though *usually* during periods with lower damage going out. Zuljin's obviously just using enough PW:S to maintain Rapture (his uptime and mana returns were very similar to mine), and I do tend to have mana problems if I try to PW:S blanket for heavy incoming damage. Obviously it's impossible to blanket *everyone* in 25-man anyway, but it is a way to get a lot of heals/absorbs out very quickly.

PW:S/Penance (target swap to lowest person) GHeal/(target swap)InnerWill/GHeal seems like the most efficient way to get a lot of big heals out fast, keep Grace up, and take advantage of Borrowed Time, but often the people taking the most damage are the DPS rather than the tanks. My overall Grace uptime was 100% but it was *sucky* on the tanks. :(

From what I understand, you can "pump up" your Divine Aegis" before the pull with holy nova or some such, as well as penancing the tank for grace. I know that each critical direct heal or PoH will refresh the time on it and make it stronger. Is there a good way to track how strong the shield is, and how long it will last? What's a realistic uptime to aim for? What are your tricks for getting the most out of it?

Several people have recommended macroing Inner Focus into GHeal, but if I do that, I can't use the same button to just Gheal someone else who needs it before IW comes off cooldown. So, I tend to forget to use that button, and it doesn't show the cooldown timer the way the IF button does. Any suggestions?

I have my Healbot showing my counter for PW:S, but if there are several buffs up on the tank at the same time, it gets really cluttered and hard to track (and sometimes doesn't show up at all, even though if I target them they have it). I can set up HealBot to track ES and tell me if it falls off the tanks, but I can't figure out how to make it or Power Auras warn me when either tank doesn't have it. I'm considering swapping to Vuhdo, is there an easy way to track it using that? How about tracking Grace on the tanks?

For stat prorities, I've been using the 1290 haste breakpoint on gear (with 3/3 Veiled Shadows) for 2.1s PoH cast time in Holy, but I don't have Veiled Shadows in Disc. Would you recommend respeccing to pick it up, or taking the talent out of my Holy spec and just going for 1674 haste to get the breakpoint without the talent? My spirit seems too high since I picked up a few new pieces of gear this week, but I mana was still quite tight (in both disc and holy) on last platform on madness. I went into P2 with mana nearly topped off, but just blew through it. We're planning to move into 25-man heroics next week if that makes a difference. I've been looking at some of the armories of top disc and holy priests (off of WoL), but there isn't a consistent approach, and I know it depends on healing style. I know that my spell usage right now isn't optimal, so I don't want to just cater to it, but to where I should be heading. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... ima/simple
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Re: Tracking my bubbles?

Postby possibry » 21 Mar 2012, 13:32

You shouldn't really be blanketing pw:s. POh spam is your friend for heavy damage.

If you use grid as raid frames, there are a couple plugins that will show shield amount remaining on your grid, as well as timers. Grid status shield is one of them. Not sure about other raid frames as I only use grid.

You can use your IF+Gheal macro even if inner focus isnt on cooldown. A normal macro will just return an error message that IF isnt ready yet, but it will still cast gheal. I believe there is a macro that will also remove the error message though. If you use something like OmniCC, the macro will show your IF cooldown as well.

You should be able to track grace on the tanks in your raid frames.

Going to assume you're talking about darkness and not veiled shadows. You shouldnt need to spec into VS as disc as any mana issues you have should be managed by careful cooldown usage/tide/conc pot. As for darkness, it depends on your gear level and what you're comfortable with as far as haste goes. Myself, I run 2 points in darkness, but I have seen higher level disc priests run only 1 or all 3 points. I'm sure someone like Derevka could inform you better than i as far as the math behind that, but this is what I have found to be most optimal in a 25 man hm setting.

Just from looking at the log you posted quickly. In a 14 min attempt, you only gained the buff from your 2 set bonus once. If you use PI on cd and your hymn, you should have a much higher uptime on that buff. That should help your mana issues as well.

Looks like you're sitting in Inner Will most of the time and blanketing PWS. This is no longer a feasible playstyle and is the main reason you are having mana issues. Stick with Inner Fire and just use pws for rapture or in an emergency, pop AA+POH for the rest of the raid damage.

Disc in a 25 man you will want to run a bit more haste heavy than you would as holy. I think the main issue is you need to adjust your spell priorities - you will notice a vast change in your mana retention.
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