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Re: FDCL • Shadow Word: Insanity • Mindbender

Postby Stasis » 07 Dec 2012, 04:41

Marathal wrote:Is it possible that now that they have DS and Halo pretty damn close depending on the fight that we might see some overhaul of insanity? Or is it possible we may see a fight next tier where it may become viable?

Just thinking back on early cata and mind spike. But at the end it figured a way in.

Well Ghostcrawler did specifically mention that talent changes (mostly number tweaks) are planned for patch 5.2. So I would certainly expect to see SW:I get some attention.
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Re: FDCL • Shadow Word: Insanity • Mindbender

Postby Helycon » 07 Dec 2012, 04:57

erbs101 wrote:
Nixx wrote:Not sure why people are immediately apprehensive about RNG. Keep in mind that with every occurrence of a particular event, RNG becomes more even. Over the course of a six minute fight, assuming no haste, VT is going to tick 120 times. You'll probably have a few droughts, but you'll also likely have times with a lot of procs. When you repeat the event enough times, it really kind of removes the random nature of it. No different than crit or anything else. You may get 16 crits in a row or you may not see a crit for 16 hits, but when you look at logs the overall percentage of crits will be pretty close to your crit chance.

Proc mechanics are equal all across the game but FDCL has a 15% cap., So basically 15% is still 15%. If the FDCL mechanic somewhat increases its chances by lets say while in combat every 5 sec its chances are increased by 1% then that kind of mechanic is not somewhat RNG.

I now see the point of sw:i as a poor talent and needs to be reworked, but is it the same for mindbender that it needs a damage increase for it to be better than a RNG talent.

I'm not completely sure I follow this logic. Yes, it procs 15% of the time, so the chance of a proc does not increase. You CAN, however, increase the OCCURENCE chance, simply by adding more ticks due to haste or mastery. This will result in more procs and therefore increase the effectiveness of the talent. The DPET on MS isn't as high as our dots though, so at some point, the procs will become obsolete by not being able to use them due to lack of free GCD's. It would be interresting to know when this will start occurring (very difficult to actually calculate due to having 2 variables ie. Mastery and haste) and if the talent would then be flat out better than MB, on a pure Patchwork fight.

Still, I prefer MB on fights with heaving movement, due to spamming SWP half of the time, which is pretty mana draining. I actually NEED it on Zor'lok (that is, normal so far), Ta'yak (heroic) and Lei Shi. At least. I also like having it on heroic SK so far for a bit of extra burst on the sub 30% phases and making sure the damage comes when I want it. I'd much rather lose out on a bit of DPS overall, when I can make sure I have it up when it counts.

As for SWI: I wish Blizzard could fix the fact that you get the annoying auras for it when other priests have specced into it for some bizarre reason. I haven't encountered it over the last patch yet, but people might actually start to realize that it's a poor talent and should not be used.
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