539 SPriest

539 SPriest

Postby L1Espeon » 24 Feb 2014, 15:07

If anyone knows the dog meme "I have no idea what I'm doing" that's pretty much me when it comes to optimizing gear.. I've done all that I can and I can still barely break 100k dps.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... l/advanced

To explain things before I'm told the obvious, Yes i am missing enchanments and a living steel buckle, I recently bought the Night Sky Belt and can't afford to do much else other than repair my gear until tuesday when I can raid for money again, I'm very bad at making money.
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Re: 539 SPriest

Postby Havalia » 26 Feb 2014, 13:35

It would really help if you could link some logs to review. Without those, it is difficult to offer advice on how to improve your DPS. You are obviously aware of the need for proper enchants, gems, etc. so I won't go there, but proper reforging and gemming will give you a noticeable boost to your DPS.

I'm not a money machine either, so I can feel your pain there, but a day or 2 of dailies will get you all the gold you need to do this.
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