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Shadow going disc for Thok only, need advice

Re: Shadow going disc for Thok only, need advice

Postby Aethyx » 25 Oct 2013, 04:47

Not to mention "doing a Jhazrun" isn't something many of us can.

In all honesty he might have gone for haste because it meant squeezing an extra cast inside the time limits of Devotion aura, Hand of Protection, maybe even Inner Focus.
Not to mention the massive amounts of mana he's using casting this quick...
I think we can all agree Jhazrun adapts playstyles that for 95% of us would never work, not to mention for something like Garrosh they used hundreds of tries to make it work as a raid, because it's not just him doing the work, they need to work perfectly as a team to get a special tactic like that to work. It's interesting to see what he does, but there's no point in using him as an example in my opinion...

Haste isn't the worst scaling stat for your HPS (up until GCD cap on your smites) but it does drain your mana... Just go for the Spirit shell breakpoints (I use 2.4k with 4-set to get 5 casts in quite easily) and you'll have plenty.
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Re: Shadow going disc for Thok only, need advice

Postby derevka » 26 Oct 2013, 04:27

This discussion belongs in the thread for the fight/difficulty you are doing.


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