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[Shadow Priest] Need some advice regarding Damage

by Netjeri » 22 Aug 2011, 04:33

Hi everyone

First of all I want to thank you for this outstanding Forum. I have improved my play to a point where I've become a valuable asset to my raid guild.

Nevertheless, a comment of a hunter in my raid setup has pointed out that my damage could be better than it is at the moment. Honestly I do feel the same and over the last few weeks I read a lot of articles, guides and watched alot of video guides. Including specific boss fights from a sPriest PoV.

First, some information that you guys probably need before you can give my any advice.

WoW Arsenal ... i/advanced

World of Logs

Relevant Addons

Shadow Timers, Quarz, Tidy Plates, OmniCC, Power Auras


Let me point out, that I do see that my uptime on certain bosses is miserable, especially on Benthilac where I failed to go to the upper ground the first time we pulled.

I follow the Opening Rotation, which is described in Kilee's Guide, and it improved my DPS overall greatly. I try to have Mind Blast on CD and time my SW:D on 25% (which needs to be improved, I fail here a lot)

For instance my DPS on Shannox is around 21k DPS. When I compare to the Rakings in 10er Normal, I see some Shadowpriest, around the same Equip Level, doing DPS around 28k.

I feel really stupid and I want to try my best. Even though I am most of the times second, behind a hunter, I do feel the same like the hunter. I should do more.

Is the hutner and I correct? Do I need to do more DPS. If so, did I Reforge, Entchant, Skill complete wrong?

Or is it just my gameplay, my reaction perhabs...

If there are any information missing, please don't hesistate to tell me. I will add does information as soon as possible.

Thanks lot for your help.
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by Arlee » 22 Aug 2011, 10:57

The only thing I can say is to keep focusing on your DoT uptimes and keeping ES up as much as possible, some of the fights ES uptime was incredibly low. Other than that what you are doing seems really good to me.

Oh also you might want to try Gnosis instead of Quartz... Quartz doesn't always display where ticks happen during MF (especially when you clip a MF with another MF) which can lead to you clipping Mind Flay right before a tick instead of right after.
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by Kevin » 22 Aug 2011, 12:09

I quickly looked over the log on 18-08 19:01 and in all of the fights, with the exception of Baleroc your dot and empowered shadows(ES) up time is low.

On some fights, such as Rhyolith you are neglecting to even dot anything which results in no orbs which results in no empowered shadows, from what I see you only did 11 mind blasts the entire attempt too. Having ES up buffs your Mind sear damage, if you are aoeing you should have ES up. For Rhyolith you can pretty much dot the entire universe while mind searing the little adds while keeping empowered shadows up. I can go over every boss fight and tell you how I do them but that would take far too long and I'm not sure if you even want that.

Basically, use some sort of check list when you are dpsing, when I'm dpsing I think of all the following when learning/doing a fight:

1. Dot up time on certain mobs
2. MB on CD
3. SWD on CD (<25%) if it isn't going to kill you
4. ES should always be up if you are good with keeping SWP up and mind flaying
5. If it's worth to fully dot a mob, if it is dot it with VT and SWP or just VT
6. Shadow fiend/AA on cooldown unless you know hero will be used soon
7. If you are going to pot during the fight try to time it with your shadow fiend and AA

I might have missed some stuff but that's all I can think of for now.
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by Netjeri » 22 Aug 2011, 23:24

Hi again

Thanks for your advice. I really need to get my ES up. I just went through all the logs. I realise where I need to improve a lot.

@Kevin I don't think you need to go over every boss, Thats not want I want. Basically your check lists helps already a lot and I try to bash it into my mind until it becomes a non-brainer.

Thanks alot.
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