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Problem with MF:I Display & Standard Interface

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Problem with MF:I Display & Standard Interface

Postby Shaz » 27 Nov 2014, 06:38

Hello all,

I have a little annoyance with the handling of "Mindflay: Insanity", while using the Blizzard Interface.

After Casting Devouring Pleague on any taget my button for MF:I does change its appearance (as desired?) into the MF:I symbol. The annoying thing is: It does not change back to normal MF appearance after the MF:I buff expires. Instead it takes another few seconds until the MF:I symbol changes back to the normal MF Symbol.

Although I use a WA to display the duration of the insanity Buff, this behaviour often discountenances me and leads to mistakes in my decissions.

Does anybody either know this behaviour? Is this a bug or a feature I do not understand? Can I change this behaviour somewhere in the menue?

Thanks in advance & kind regards

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Re: Problem with MF:I Display & Standard Interface

Postby vampz » 27 Nov 2014, 08:49

Blizz UI is pretty shoddy to say the least - there is no Xbuff tracking in certain frames - hence why WA is such a big hit.

I personally had problems in T14 landing MB off CD with the Mindspike glyph until a made a Gnosis that is a bar that progresses down on the remaining CD - allowing my self to plan it ahead of time I guess?

preact > react essentially
I linked it somewhere on H2P.. can't remember where
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