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Lifegrip 2.0 Macro for Shadow Priests

Lifegrip 2.0 Macro for Shadow Priests

Postby Spinalcrack » 17 Nov 2012, 12:33

I wanted to improve on a leap of faith macro I had been using. Here is the 2.0 version

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#showtooltip Leap of Faith
/cast [target=mouseover, nodead, noharm] Leap of Faith
/cast [nodead, noharm] Leap of Faith
/cast [stance:0]Shadowform
/stopmacro [harm]
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

What this does is life grip either your mouse over target or current target and then put you into shadow form. It then either targets your last target, or keeps your existing target if it's an enemy.

So you can use it both in and out of shadow form, and as both a mouse over and target macro all in one.

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