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Thoughts on Lei Shen Trinket + SA behaviour?

Thoughts on Lei Shen Trinket + SA behaviour?

Postby Xqzmeplz » 25 Mar 2013, 19:40

Hello fellow Shadow Priests,

Before reading this, it is nearly 4 hours past midnight in Germany, I am tired and not entirely sober, so please forgive me for the orthographical and syntactical errors that may occur.

Today I got Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen, and because I was kinda bored I tried it out a little bit on Training Dummies in IF. After some fights I had the idea of moving my Shadow in melee range, specc DS and look what my Priest can do as a "Melee". Because of my 2-Set Bonus T15, my DoT`s went up to a maximum Uptime of ~35 Seconds under certain circumstances. All SA's pretty much instantly hit the Dummy, so I never got to cap them like Ghostcrawler stated in his Mail (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3403). I do not own the 4-Set Bonus!
So when I browsed the Logs afterwards, I noticed that the Range Setup with SW:I / PI / Halo and the Melee Setup with SW:I / PI / DS were pretty even in terms of DPS.

Interesting, isn't it? This pretty much means that SPriests can DPS in Melee Range without lost of DPS. (At least when positioning with Halo is not possible.) In my point the boosting of DoT Uptime will be even more significant with Raidbuffs and Heroism. I don't know if this is valuable in any form, but hey.

Moving on to my next point, when comparing the last Melee Log with the Range Log, the SA's behaviour is awkward. The Melee fight lasted for 559 seconds, the Range fight for 600 Seconds. In the Melee fight I had a total of 177 SA's, while on the contrary I had (only) 138 SA's on the Range fight. The number of SW:P crits in the Melee version was 141 (125 Tick Crits/16 Instant Crits), in the Ranged version we have - funny enough - the same amount (129 Ticks / 12 Instants). Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this does not fit. How can 141 Crits produce 177 SA's? And why does the Ranged version has that much lower SA's?
As far as I know, only Crits of SW:P trigger SA's since MoP, so I have basically no idea why those Apparitions behave as they behave. Do I misread WoL? Or maybe does it have something in common with Mastery Ticks? Please clear me up on this point.

Last thing: Can anyone with more ideas than I have please clearify how to use Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen "properly"? Right now I refreshed VT + SW:P and tried to apply any form of DP...

If I missed anything completely obvious that will explain my issues in a few words, please don't be mean. I am tired.

So far,

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