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Gemming question

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Gemming question

Postby Kaozen » 13 May 2013, 10:34

at what point do we start gemming +320 haste over getting some int bonuses? i have 2 pieces of heroic gear and ive reforged all my gear via reforgelite but im getting 17.91% hit everytime i believe its becasue im using the green 160 haste 160 spirit gems in most blue sockets. my ilvl is 521. I have 5 blue sockets 1 is 180 int bonus, 2 120 int bonuses, and 1 60 int bonus. I was going to put a 320 in my weapon and sacrifice the +60 int bonus but pretty sure that wont be enough. Thanks everyone in advance

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Re: Gemming question

Postby Woaden » 13 May 2013, 12:38

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