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Weapon Enchants!

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Weapon Enchants!

Postby Noctis313 » 07 Jan 2015, 09:45

So, i have to choose between
Mark of the Bleeding Hollow ( 500 mastery proc for 12 sec)
Mark of the Thunderlord ( 500 crit proc for 6 sec, also crit hits will extend the duration)

So, i was thinking on getting the crit enchant because crit is fine in all 7 bosses of highmaul and i dont plant switching enchants... but i wonder if my %crit needs to be higher for it to be reliable?
Right now im sitting on 13.5% crit
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby Charuo » 07 Jan 2015, 09:56

I chose thunderlord. On most single targets fight I regret taking the crit enchant, but on multi target fights I'm happy that I'm not getting a useless proc.
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby Booyachaka » 08 Jan 2015, 01:19

with the last night report for example i had 17 procs of Thunderlord on Imperator HC fight, its like a ~15% uptime on these fight

p.s. played with ilvl 648 with >11% crit raid buffed
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby Elerion » 08 Jan 2015, 05:43

Mastery is great for all 7 fights in Highmaul. There are a couple fights (Tectus notably) where you could probably get higher DPS with low mastery and a focus on multidots, but you'll be expected to tunnel single target DPS during progress anyway.
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby Vindicate » 13 Jan 2015, 01:33

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have yet to see a high end spriest without Mark of the Bleeding Hollow on his/hers weapon :)
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby Blu » 13 Jan 2015, 02:40

-nvm i read wrong-
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby Drye » 13 Jan 2015, 06:41

Go mastery till higher %crit then go crit.
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby LLianchan » 13 Jan 2015, 10:08

Think I'll stick with mark of the frostwolf. Its 11k cheaper on my realm and I have to heal 1 raid in 3 as Holy anyway. I'm curious why it seems everyone is going crit > multi when the CoP BiS stats put multi ahead but thats off topic and I'm sure there are reasons for it lurking on some thread I haven't stumbled across yet.

Stats generally seem pretty balenced at the moment so until AS becomes viable with more crit I don't think the choice will make much difference.
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Re: Weapon Enchants!

Postby Hezz » 13 Jan 2015, 10:11

LLianchan wrote:Stats generally seem pretty balenced at the moment so until AS becomes viable with more crit I don't think the choice will make much difference.

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