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[H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2012, 04:13
by derevka

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Holy Only Specialization Benefits and New Non-Spec Spells

III. MoP Talent Tree Choices
IV. Glyphs
    A) Major
    B) Minor
V. Secondary Stats and Reforging
    A) Spirit
    B) Haste
    C) Mastery
    D) Crit
VI. Enchants
VII. Gemming
    A) Basic Gems
    B) Meta Gems
VIII. Consumables
    A) Food
    B) Flasks
    C) Potions
IX. Chakra - A Disambiguation
X. Inner Fire and Inner Will
XI. Mana Management
XII. Rotation
    A) Single Target Healing
    B) AOE or Raid Healing
XIII. Racial Bonuses
XIV. Additional Reading
XV. Changelog


I. Introduction
This guide is meant to be a loose guideline on what you might want to consider when speccing, gearing, and playing your Holy Priest in Mists of Pandaria. You will find a good deal of education in this guide, as the intention of this guide is to help Holy Priests make informed decisions-- not just blindly spec or gem specific ways "because this guide said so". You will need to make choices based on your unique situation. Healing is very much an art: playstyle, preference, raid composition, and raid encounter mechanics can have a meaningful impact on the decisions discussed in this guide.

It is strongly suggested to ask questions in this thread as to facilitate discussion on what we can do as Holy Priests to improve our gameplay.

Acronyms used in this guide:
AOE - Area of Effect
CD- Cooldown
CoH - Circle of Healing
DH - Divine Hymn
DPS - Damage per second (used in evaluating throughput)
EoL - Echo of Light (Holy’s Mastery)
FDCL - From Darkness; Comes Light
HoH - Hymn of Hope
HoT - Heal over time
HP - Hit or Health Points
HPM - Healing per mana (used in evaluating efficiency)
HPS - Healing per second (used in evaluating throughput)
HW - Holy Word
POM - Prayer of Mending
PPM - Proc per minute (used in evaluating buff uptime)
PW - Power Word
SoL - Surge of Light
SoR - Spirit of Redemption
ToF - Twist of Fate
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II. Holy Only Specialization Benefits and New Non-Spec Spells
Chakra - this ability allows the priest to enter one of three states (or stances) that will enhance either DPS, Single Target Healing, or AOE Healing. It also transforms HW: Chastise into either HW: Sanctuary or HW: Serenity.

Circle of Healing - Instant AOE Heal.

Divine Focus - 70% pushback immunity.

Divine Hymn - Powerful AOE Heal-- considered a Raid Cooldown. As of 5.3 it scales appropriately between 10 and 25-man raid teams.

Echo of Light - Holy's Mastery, which provides additional output on our non-over time heals.

Guardian Spirit - Emergency protective spell you can cast on targets in imminent danger. GS has a firm cap of 200% of the target's HP. And will not prevent a killing blow greater than that value.

HW: Chastise - an instant cast stun, that can be transformed into one of two healing spells depending on the Chakra state you are in.

Lightwell - As of 5.4, unless glyphed, will automatically heal targets with a HoT. When Glyphed it allows you to cast an interactable unit that can apply a strong heal over time on players that click it.

Meditation - allows for 50% of your spirit based regen to occur during combat.

Rapid Renewal - Enhances a Holy Priest's renew.

Serendipity - Hastens subsequent heals after using Flash Heal.

Spirit of Redemption - Allows you to heal, with no mana cost, for a brief time after you die. Often referred to as "angel form".

Void Shift - This is a new spell introduced in Mists of Pandaria. It should be considered an emergency heal, as it will swap health percentages between yourself and your target, as well as healing the lower health target. It has a substantial cooldown, so it likely will only be able to be used once per encounter-- so use it wisely.
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III. Talent Tree Choices
The first thing we need to understand about the talent trees is that they are completely different from the talent trees of the past. Instead of having many points to put into a series of talents that may provide X% more healing, we are given 3 abilities to choose from every 15 levels. Each tier is themed around a specific ability or benefit. Additionally, respeccing is easier and the reagent Tome of the Clear Mind allows you to change in and out of those abilities when out of combat.

What this means is that it will be much easier to change talent choices and we will be able to change as the encounter changes. If there is a fight that favors one talent over another, you can easily swap to that talent for that fight, and then swap to a different talent if the next fight favors another. That will be the biggest test for these tiers of content, figuring which will be best for which encounter.

Which talent is "best" in a given tier... frankly, it really depends on the encounter at hand. I think discussion on an encounter by encounter basis will be exceptionally beneficial to really analyze these spells.

Level 15: Tier 1 - Croud Control
Void Tendrils - This ability can be handy when you need to root a group of mobs that you raid is kiting. Rooted mobs will still melee player targets in melee range.

Psyfiend - A periodic single target fear in addition to your Psychic Scream. The Psyfiend will favor mobs that have you as their primary aggro target.

Dominate Mind - Good old Mind Control, but effective on non-humanoids. Channel must be maintained to keep control of the target.

Level 30: Tier 2 - Movement
Body and Soul - Now available to both holy and discipline! There have always been a number of fights where a periodic sprint on a specified target has been helpful; the only downside is that PW: Shield can be an expensive method of delivering this sprint (and your Shields are weak when compared to Disc). Additionally, if your raid has a Discipline Priest, you could be fighting Weakened Soul.

Angelic Feather - Much less mana exhaustive than using PW: Shield to deliver this sprint; however, requires the use of a targeting reticle and can be used by the unintended target if another player gets too close. As of 5.4, in efforts to make this a more attractive talent, it now provides a greater sprint percentage and lasts longer than Body and Soul.

Phantasm - Unlike the other two talents in this tier, it does not grant increased speed but instead drops and grants immunity to movement impairing effects. (note this is less exciting for Trolls/Gnomes due to their racial abilities)

Level 45: Tier 3 -Mana Restoration/Efficiency
From Darkness, Comes Light - FDCL is arguably the hardest talent to quantify the amount of mana we ‘regen’, since it mostly is a mana savings ability. That said it is the least predictable source of mana regeneration since it purely revolves around RNG. In 5.4 FDCL has been buffed to include nearly all of our healing spells that can proc the free FH. As a Holy Priest, through 2pc T16 Bonuses, and Serendipity's mana cost reduction you will likely see this as a very common choice for us. Utilizing these procs, in conjunction with 2pc/Serendipity, will allow a Holy Priest notable burst output increases. Generally speaking, without 2pc, Holy Priests will be taking Mindbender.

Mindbender - The first thing to keep in mind is that this replaces Shadowfiend. If you do not spec into this, you will still have access to baseline Shadowfiend. The latest incarnation has it have a 60 second cooldown, and restore 1.75% (up from 1.46% in 5.4) mana per swing. The biggest boon with this change is that we can cast it more often (well, duh)… It gives you greater uptime of the spell, despite per CAST Shadowfiend restores more mana. The fact that you get more off in a given encounter is the critical point as it provides greater granularity. This spell provides the most RAW mana restore of the 3, while the other 2 choices have to include a "free heal" to fairly compare the two.

Power Word: Solace - This replaces Holy Fire (dealing the same amount of damage) and removes its 1.8% mana cost. It restores 1% of your total mana, applies/refreshes your evangelism stacks and heals for 100% of the damage it deals. As a Holy Priest, you likely are not casting this spell in regular rotation. Disc has much greater synergy with this spell given it's interaction with Evangelism. At 6 casts per minute, this is equivalent to 1500/mp5. Simply put, it's a mana positive, smart 100k+ heal -- albeit a situational choice for Holy.

Level 60: Tier 4 - Survival
Desperate Prayer- Our old tried and true friend. An on use 30% HP heal. A Healthstone on steroids!

Spectral Guise - On use "stealth" capable of being broken if our guise is hit three times, or if we are taken out of steath via an AOE. You cannot use this ability to "duck" boss damage.

Angelic Bulwark - Automatic 20% HP shield if you are brought below 30% HP; no need to push a button. The exchange for the automatic trigger is a 10% loss when compared to Desperate Prayer. Good option if you are bad about using Heathstones and want/need an automatic survival talent. (Note: if a single blow takes you from 31% HP to 0, Bulwark is not triggered).

Level 75: Tier 5 - Throughput
Twist of Fate - Increases your output after you heal low health players (Echo of Light included) or damage low health mobs. Likely not helpful unless you are in an encounter where people are consistently below 35% or on a fight that has a number of Adds that you will be assisting on. Doing so will keep your ToF buff for a substantial duration of the fight. An important detail to keep in mind is that ToF does not provide any added benefit to PW: Sheild.

Power Infusion - Now available to all priests, not just Discipline. On demand 2 minute cooldown that is self-cast only. Strong option for both added output and mana savings.

Divine Insight - As holy, this essentially turns your Prayer of Mending into a Chain Heal, and doesn’t trigger POM's CD. It is affected by the Glyph of Prayer of Mending. Given the fact that it can proc off of both PoH and GHeal there are a number of opportunities to use this ability. Exceptionally powerful given that it smarty, and near instantly, heals up to 5 targets, as well as not triggering your POM cooldown.

Level 90: Tier 6 - AOE Healing
Cascade - Heals 31 targets favoring targets further away. (1-2-4-8-16) No diminishing returns since the target number is finite. Likely our go-to and default choice unless a fight commands the other talent’s increased frequency or increased output. Important to note that a bounce cannot hit the same player twice, and that there is a delay in the healing due to travel time (biggest effect is typically 2-3 seconds after cast). Solid option provided your raid is slightly spread out, and periodic/moderate burst is needed.

Divine Star - Least expensive, lowest cooldown of the 3 choices. More mana efficient than a Prayer of Healing. Star heals for the least per cast of the three talents in this tier. Strong option provided your raid is grouped up, and constant healing is needed. Requires good positioning to maximize the spell's output. This spells does not suffer from diminishing returns based on the number of targets hit.

Halo - Most expensive, but potentially highest amount healed per cast and has the greatest burst capability. Potentially restrictive due to its high cooldown and mana cost. Requires 25 yard distance for the best output. Good selection if your raid is spread out and if large burst healing is needed or if raid damage times well with the 45 second cooldown. This spells does not suffer from diminishing returns based on the number of targets hit.
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IV. Glyphs
The Glyph system has changed and we no longer have Prime, Major, and Minor glyphs. We have Major and Minor only. Major glyphs are ones that actively change/affect spells or their output, while Minor glyphs are quality of life/cosmetic changes.

A) Major
As holy we do not have many choices and the glyphs we select may depend on our role in a raid, and whether or not we are healing 10 or 25-man. Haste levels also can affect which glyphs we choose (See the Secondary Stat section of this guide for more details). Here are the options that a Holy Priest can choose from:

Circle of Healing
Glyph of Binding Heal
Holy Nova
Inner Sanctum
Deep Wells
Mass Dispel
Prayer of Mending
Spirit of Redemption

Choices for these Glyphs can swing dramatically depending on your role and if you are in 25 man as well as certain fight mechanics.

- 10 man raiders likely will not take the Glyph of Circle of Healing, as they have fewer targets likely in range of CoH, while 25 man raiders may consider the cost increase worth it for the additional target. It is important to note that the increased healing is less than the increase of mana cost, so using this glyph does make the HPM worse.

5.4 Lightwell:
Lightwell, in 5.4, will now act as the 5.3 version of Lightspring, baseline. It will automatically heal targets that fall below 50% HP. If you elect to glyph it, you can regain the "on click" mechanic, and it will gain a 50% healing bonus. Note, that to click the Lightwell you must be within 20 yards, while unglyphed Lightwell will heal from a 40 yard range. Clicking the Lightwell will not interrupt spellcasting, and can be done while stunned.

Note: Glyph of Deep Wells adds 2 charges to either version of Lightwell.

Ultimately it really is your choice, but for Holy the more commonly used glyphs are Renew, Deep Wells, Binding Heal, Circle of Healing, and Inner Sanctum.

B) Minor
Most of these are purely cosmetic and fun, take a look at them and figure which you want to use.
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V. Secondary Stats and Reforging
First it is very important to keep in mind that the budget for secondary stats is DOUBLE that of primary stats. This means an item that has a budget for 1 point of Intellect would have an equivalent budget of 2 Spirit, Mastery, or Haste. This is clearly illustrated by looking at hybrid gems. (For purposes of this guide, we will assume 2:1 however it is important to acknowledge that we do gain scaling from Cloth Specialization and the 5% Stats Raid Buff to intellect, which make it closer to a 1.1:2 ratio).

You will notice, that in some cases and varying gear levels, increasing secondary stats (at the 2:1 ratio) may be superior to that of Primary Stats. (ie. Increasing 200 Mastery being superior to 100 Intellect). Evaluating your stats with Adinne's HealCalcis one way of determining those for you.

Not all items (Elixirs, Potions, Foods) show this, so favoring secondary stats that are not double of primary could be placing yourself under budget.

A) Spirit - this is our primary regen stat. Intellect no longer increases our regen, and only affects our spellpower and critical strike chance, with this in mind spirit will be critical to our regen. Each point of spirit is worth roughly 0.56/mp5. Fresh 90’s will want to stack as much spirit as possible until they reach a level of regen that is comfortable for their gameplay, and then pare back introducing throughput stats in its place.

B) Haste - haste reduces our cast time, and increases the speed at which Heal over Time spells tick. With enough haste, you can add additional ticks. A breakdown of haste ratings for each spell affected is available here. For every 425 haste rating you have, you gain 1% haste.

C) Mastery - As holy we have innately 10% Echo of Light. Mastery scales 1 Mastery per 600 Mastery Rating and then we gain 1.25% Echo of Light, per Mastery. Or more simply put, as Holy for every 480 Mastery Rating, your Echo of Light increases by 1%. EoL is only generated on direct heals (no HoTs). Depending on the damage pattern of a fight and the other healers in your group, Echo of Light can represent a substantial amount of your healing in a given encounter.

D) Crit - Heals when they crit, heal for an additional 100%. However, crits can be RNG and consistency can be important to a healer. Unlike Discipline, critical heals do not grant Divine Aegis. For Holy, crit is generally the least sought after secondary stat. For every 600 crit rating you have, you gain 1% crit.

What should you stack and reforge? A lot of this really depends on your spell breakdown: what you are casting, how frequently, and how effective it is. If you are regularly using Renew in your rotation (particularly 10 man raiders), you likely will want to reach the first breakpoint for Renew (unglyphed).

Stat priority is very difficult to pin down for Priests as we have such a wide arsenal of spells to choose from, and even running Simcraft or other simulations our stat weights can swing and vary wildly. The most important thing to keep in mind when running simulations is: your spell breakdown on a sim should mirror your spell breakdown on your logs. If it doesn't, you run the risk of tilting stats that favor abilities you are never using! (Ie. if you gear for high Echo of Light output, but are mostly casting Renew, you are missing out since Renew doesn't directly benefit from Mastery (Rapid Renewal does, however)).

Note: In 5.0.4 and Mists of Pandaria, Divine Hymn and Hymn of Hope no longer gain additional ticks from Haste. Haste will decrease the channeling time, and in turn, its HPS, but not increase the actual raw healing done.

Your Basic Secondary Stat Priority Should Be:

    1. Spirit up to the point you are comfortable with regen
    2. Haste to your desired breakpoint (if there is one!).
    3. Mastery for Echo of Light, provided you are casting spells benefiting from EoL.
    4. Crit - Crit for healers is tricky as it is an RNG stat, and as Holy we do not benefit as much from Crit as Discipline brethren do.

Spirit, especially early on, will be the go-to stat for all healers since we will need to learn how to manage mana in the new world of Fixed Mana Pools.

Haste beyond your breakpoints is still a valid stat as it will shorten cast time of our healing spells. The "priority" listed above should be considered a loose system, as a good deal of it will vary dramatically based on your spell usage. I urge all priests to look at their healing logs, and determine what spells are representing the largest portions of their output and then consider which stats benefit most from them. Many priests get stuck in the "Hit the 12.5% Renew Breakpoint then go mastery" mindset--- that 12.5% Renew breakpoint is really only important if you are casting Renew.

Example: if Renew is a large part of your output, and you are a few points shy of a breakpoint, you would likely want to reforge to reach that level. Or if you are doing a good deal of Tank Healing and Single Target Heals on your tank is a majority of your output, you are likely going to see Echo of Light also be a large part of your healing done-- gearing for more mastery can also be a large benefit.

After reaching your desired Haste threshold (If there is one for your playstyle), you generally will want to start stacking Mastery to gain both HPCT and HPS from Echo of Light on our Non HoT Based Heals. Mastery is a free healing increase to a bulk of your spells. Raid Healing focused Holy Priests will see notable output from Echo of Light as they increase Mastery.
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VI. Enchants
We do have some choice in our enchants, generally speaking we should be using our gems as our primary source of regen (since they benefit from the 2:1 Secondary to Primary stat itemization) not our enchants. [*] denote the BIS option. (Profession only enchants are listed here provided they are mutually exclusive to the basic enchant).

Greater Crane Wing Inscription [*]
Crane Wing Inscription
Secret Crane Wing Inscription (Scribe Only) [*]

Superior Intellect [*]
Superior Critical Strike
Darkglow Embroidery (Tailor Only) [*] - Mana Regen
Lightweave Embroidery (Tailor Only) [*] - Throughput

Glorious Stats [*]
Mighty Spirit

Super Intellect [*]
Fur Lining - Intellect (Leatherworking Only) [*]

Greater Intellect (Enchanter Only) [*]

Superior Mastery [*]
Greater Haste

Living Steel Belt Buckle [*]

Greater Pearlescent Spellthread [*] If spirit is needed
Greater Cerulean Spellthread [*]

Pandaren's Step [*]
Greater Haste

Windsong (main hand)
Jade Spirit (main hand) [*]
Major Intellect (offhand)
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VII. Gemming
A) Basic Gems: when you first hit 90, mana will be a big concern for you and you will want to likely focus on regen being more important than throughput. This means, you’ll want everything to have some form of spirit on it! As mana becomes less scarce, gemming for more throughput stats will become more and more viable.

Brilliant Primordial Ruby

Purified Imperial Amethist

Potent Vermilion Onyx
Reckless Vermilion Onyx
Artful Vermilion Onyx

Smooth Sun's Radiance
Quick Sun's Radiance
Fractured Sun's Radiance

Sparkling River’s Heart

Energized Wild Jade
Misty Wild Jade
Zen Wild Jade

Which gems you will want to use will vary based on your personal stat priority and haste breakpoint goals, however you will likely want to prioritize spirit until you reach a comfortable level of regen, then follow the rules outlined in the Stats section of this guide.

Again this is where I would suggest being sure you are prioritizing your correct stats, and Adinne's HealCalc is a great tool to do that. For much of 5.4, we likely will be prioritizing Artful, Fractured, and Zen gems allowing us to gain spellpower and Mastery.

B) Meta Gems: First and formost, you should be using your Courageous Primal Diamond from the legendary questline. With this legendary you should be maximizing your free output during the Lucidity proc. If you have 2pc T16, using Binding Heal/FH to proc FDCL/Stack Serendipity can be a great use of this proc. If you were mid cast or in the middle of necessary AOE healing, don't break cast to sneak out a lone Flash Heal... always cast the spell that is best for the situation at hand. And sometimes, it is a Flash Heal.

If you do not have your Legendary Meta, try to get it ASAP. As healers we have 3 options from a PVE perspective for NON Legendary Meta Gems. You will also notice that Metas no longer have an equipped gem requirement to activate its bonus.

Revitalizing Primal Diamond
Ember Primal Diamond
Burning Primal Diamond

Generally speaking, if you are seeking regen support, you will want to use the Revitalizing Primal Diamond for the added Critical Effect boost. If you are comfortable with your regen, the Burning Primal Diamond is your best bet behind the Legendary Meta.
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VIII. Consumables
A) Food - cooking and food has changed notably in Mists of Pandaria. WoWHead has a comprehensive guide on the cooking specialties. As well as some of the "added benefits" when eating foods of that specialty.

You will notice that food is not affected by the item budget changes that gems were. You are granted at most, 300 of a stat regardless if it is primary or secondary. With this in mind, generally speaking Intellect food will be your food of choice.

Most Discipline Priests will want to focus on the Way of the Steamer and the Way of the Pot.

- The Way of the Steamer gives us access to strong spirit food, which is a direct increase to our regen. Steamed Crab Surprise provides us with 300 Spirit or ~169mp5.

- The Way of the Pot gives us acess to strong intellect based foods. Mogu Fish Stew provides us with 300 intellect.

Generally speaking, if you want 300 stats of the buff of your choice without having to worry about what type of Banquet is being dropped-- bring your own food.

In 5.4 we will also see the introduction of 300 stat food "feasts" the Grand Pandaren Noodle Cart.

B) Flasks
Currently in MoP there are no Guild Cauldrons, which means we will be responsible for our own consumables. In the flask front we can choose between Flask of Falling Leaves for 1,000 spirit worth ~565mp5 or Flask of the Warm Sun for 1,000 intellect. Of course, if you are struggling with mana, the spirit flask will be a good option for you. Note again, similar to food buffs, the item budget is considered equal for primary and secondary stats.

Alternatively you can use elixirs (which do not persist through death) on Battle and one Guardian. However, there are no Guardian elixirs that provide stats valid for a PVE healing priest. So unfortunately, double elixirs simply won’t provide the same amount of stats a single Flask could.

Exilir of Peace
Elixir of the Rapids
Monk's Exlir
Mad hozen Elixir

C) Potions
Master Mana Potion: You will notice that the MoP mana potion no longer grants a ‘range’ of mana, and is fixed at 30,000 mana. Gone are the days of RNG restoration.

Potion of Focus: provides the most mana back possible, however requires you to stop actively casting when using the potion. (MoP version of the Potion of Concentration).

Potion of the Jade Serpent: instant surge in your Intellect. Helpful if mana is not a concern, but if increased output will be.
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IX. Chakra- A Disambiguation
Chakra is one of the hallmarks of a Holy Priest. We have 3 stances, specialized for 3 different tasks. We can change which Chakra state/stance we are in, once every 30 seconds. Chakra was designed so we can can tailor our considerable spellbook for the task at hand. If we need to Single Target Heal, and triage, we can; if we need to focus on Burst AOE healing, we can.

Chakra: Chastise - DPS Stance, rarely (if ever) used in PVE, mostly enables Holy Priests to quest and do dailies without changing specialization. There are some fights that have periods of low/no healing required. A Holy Priest swapped into Chakra: Chastise can do nontrivial DPS that can assist with meeting enrage timers, but will be paled in comparison to a DPS spec'd class.

Chakra: Serenity - Single Target Healing stance. This provides a buff to your Single Target heals. Additionally you gain access to the instant, and heavy-hitting HW: Serenity. Additionally, any single target heal or Cascade bounce on a target that is affected by Renew, will refresh the duration of Renew back to its full duration. This dramatically improves Renew’s HPM/HPC. Spells affected by Chakra: Serenity: Heal, Greater Heal, Flash Heal, Binding Heal, Renew.

Chakra: Sanctuary - AOE Healing stance. This provides a buff to all AOE heals and a cooldown reduction to COH, as well as giving us access to our ground-based AOE heal, HW: Sanctuary. HW: Sanctuary is classified as a HoT, and therefore can scale with haste. Spells affected by Chakra: Sanctuary: Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing, Divine Star, Halo, Cascade, and Divine Hymn.

In 5.4 HW: Sanctuary has had its mana cost reduced making it a much more affordable spell to cast. Sanctuary is not meant to be in line with a Shaman's Healing Rain, and is meant to be a spell that is "layered" while we continue to cast POH/COH/POM. Additionally, in 5.4, all ground based AOE's now act as a smart heal, healing the 6 most injured people within the effect. (This was in response to the input lag issues as a result to so many log entries occurring on 25 man/ground based AOEs)

Since Chakra has a 30 second cooldown, deciding what stance you are in (and which corresponding bonus) is important to predict. If you are going to need a period of Burst AOE healing, you will likely want to be prepared and in your Chakra: Sanctuary stance to ensure your AOE heals are at their maximum. Ideally, we should be swapping Chakra stances throughout a fight, maximizing our output and tailoring our spells to the task presented. In more common practice, swapping stances is typically something that doesn't happen all that often and really can vary fight to fight.
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X. Inner Fire and Inner Will
Either Inner Fire or Inner Will should ALWAYS be active.

Inner Fire has changed, and no longer provides a flat Spellpower increase, but instead scales your spellpower by 10%. This is substantial as it increases its worth as your gear improves. When glyphed with Inner Sanctum, Inner Fire also mitigate 6% of all incoming magic damage.

Inner Will decreases your mana cost of all instant cast spells, and increases your movement speed. When glyphed with Inner Sanctum, that movement speed is further enhanced. Remember, the speedboost from Inner Will does not stack with the Pandaren's Step enchant.

Which should you use? It depends. Generally speaking, if you are struggling with mana, and are casting a lot of instant cast spells, Inner Will can assist you. Otherwise, you should likely be using Inner fire for the scaled added throughput. It may be important to understand that the HPM difference from IF/IW is fairly marginal at current gear levels, making Inner Fire the much more likely choice.
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XI. Mana Management
Mana will be key in Mists of Pandaria. Figuring out which mana restoration talent you select (FDCL, Mindbender, or PW: Solace), as well as learning how to heal properly. Knowing which spells are suited best for the task at hand. Minimizing our Overhealing also should be a goal of every priest as to be certain we are not wasting our precious mana resources.

At level 90, all priests will be fixed at a flat 300,000 mana. The only way to increase this mana pool is via Meta Gems and the Gnome Racial, Expansive Mind. All spells will cost a fixed percentage of mana. This is means if Greater Heal costs you 5.9% mana (or 17,700 mana at level 90), it will always cost the same amount regardless of gear level. This addresses and interesting issue that Blizzard has always struggled with: mana cost scaling as people gear up through tiers.

What does this mean for us as Holy Priests? Well it means we will need to always be aware of our mana regen, and that Intellect is no longer a mana and throughput stat, it is just a throughput stat. Additionally, Spirit increases in value despite it providing no direct throughput.

We will need to be certain we are using our Regen abilities and potions to their maximum, as well as being certain our gear is balanced between raw throughput, and mana restoration and longevity. As you find yourself gearing up, and needing less spirit (since you have more on your gear) you can start pulling back from spirit from your food/flasks (first) then your gems. The reason I suggest this, as Food/Flask stats are at a 1:1 ratio Int:Secondary Stats, while gems are 2:1 Int:Secondary Stats.
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XII. Rotation
For the most part, there is minimal amounts of change for Holy Priests in Mists of Pandaria.

There is no magic rotation for healing, and it really depends on how the damage is being received by your raid. Here are a series of basic rules and guidelines for a series of damage patterns (Low, Moderate, High, Overwhelming damage for both Single Target and Raid Healing). It should be underscored that these are just sample damage patterns and spell selection options and should not be taken as the only options to heal.

Regardless if you are Single Target or AOE healing, you will always want to keep your Lightwell on CD and within range of a majority of the Raid Group.

A) Single Target Healing
With some of the changes to Chakra: Serenity, Holy Priests can be powerful single target healers, which is something that we have historically struggled with. With Chakra: Serenity now providing a 15% buff to single target heals (Renew included) single target healing is something we can be viable at.

Low Single Target Damage
    ► Chakra state isn't important provided throughput needs are low
    ► Renew, Heal and FDCL Flash Heals (if spec'd) for triage
    ► Renew maintained via Chakra: Serenity on Main Tank Targets

Moderate Single Target Damage
    ► Chakra: Serenity for added throughput and access to HW: Serenity
    ► Renew, Heal and FDCL Flash Heals (if spec'd) for triage
    ► HW: Serenity on targets who need a moderate instant heal, or will be a subsequent target of heals.
    ► Renew maintained via Chakra: Serenity on Main Tank Targets
    ► POM on targets who will be taking continual damage and will proc the first charge of POM

High Single Target Damage
    ► Chakra: Serenity for added throughput and access to HW: Serenity
    ► Renew, Heal and FDCL Flash Heals (if spec'd) and HW: Serenity for triage
    ► Prayer of Mending on CD on the desired target
    ► Greater Heal provided minimal overhealing
    ► Flash Heal for Emergency Single Target Heals

Overwhelming Single Target Damage
    ► Chakra: Serenity for added throughput and access to HW: Serenity
    ► Flash Heal on target, twice, followed by Serendipity hastened Greater Heal rotations
    ► HW: Serenity to maintain Renew
    ► Prayer of Mending as available, particularly if moving.
    ► Guardian Spirit and Void Shift as necessary

B) AOE or Raid Healing
Raid Healing has typically been the Holy Priest's wheelhouse, particularly Burst AOE healing... this is no exception in Mists of Pandaria. Paired with Chakra: Sanctuary, we have strong AOE healing combinations we can chain together to provide some of the strongest burst AOE healing in the game.

Low Raid Wide Damage
    ► Chakra state isn't important provided throughput needs are low
    ► Circle of Healing on cooldown, provided 3+ targets are in need of healing and are in range of the target.
    Prayer of Mending on CD, provided it will be able to bounce to multiple targets
    ► Renew on targets who may need additional healing, particularly if you are in Chakra: Serenity
    ► Prayer of Healing on groups, if necessary, and if Prayer of Healing will heal 3+ targets with minimal overheal
    ► Divine Star on CD, if specced

Moderate Raid Wide Damage
    ► Chakra: Sanctuary for increased output and COH CD reduction
    ► Circle of Healing on CD
    ► Prayer of Mending on CD
    ► Renew targets who need additional healing (or if the damage is timed, pre-cast Renew on targets before damage starts)
    ► Holy Word: Sanctuary in an area where a large group of the raid will be standing (ideally without the need to move out of the area)
    ► Prayer of Healing on groups that need additional healing and Prayer of Healing will heal 3+ targets
    ► Divine Star/Halo/Cascade on CD (Note on Halo/Cascade: Should be kept on CD provided predictable High or Overwhelming Raid Damage is not coming prior to the cooldown's completion and stability is not needed prior to its arrival)

High Raid Wide Damage
    ► Chakra: Sanctuary for increased output and COH CD reduction
    ► Circle of Healing on CD
    ► Prayer of Mending on CD
    ► Spam Prayer of Healing on groups that need additional healing
    ► If damage is timed, pre-cast Renew on a number of targets before damage starts. Do not stop POH spam to single target renew.
    ► Holy Word: Sanctuary in an area where a large group of the raid will be standing (ideally without the need to move out of the area, and before damage starts)
    ► Divine Star/Halo/Cascade on CD
    ► Divine Hymn if necessary to stay ahead of damage or to stabilize raid health

Overwhelming Raid Wide Damage
    ► Chakra: Sanctuary for increased output and COH CD reduction
    ► Circle of Healing on CD
    ► Prayer of Mending on CD
    ► If damage is timed, pre-cast Renew on a number of targets before damage starts.
    ► Holy Word: Sanctuary in an area where a large group of the raid will be standing (ideally without the need to move out of the area, and before damage starts)
    ► Divine Star/Halo/Cascade on CD
    ► Divine Hymn
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XIII. Racial Bonuses
Racial Bonuses can have a substantial impact on your play, providing substantial CDs as well as regenerative abilities. Each race does bring some flavor and benefit to your play, and if you are trying to min/max your priest these racial perks should be considered.

For a full breakdown and analysis, please read the Tales of a Priest posting available here.
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XIV. Additional Reading
H2P Holy Healing Guide

H2P Addon Guide - Healing

H2P 5-Man Healing Cheat Sheet

H2P Best Professions By PP - Shadow focused, but still relevant and important. The statweights used in this thread are for shadow but still provide solid insight to the profession's benefits.
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XV. Changelog
09.08.13 - Updated for 5.4
9.12.13 - Updated Cascade's bounce number, and Divine Star/Halo DR

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 08 Sep 2013, 02:11
by derevka
Updated for 5.4 - any feedback or missed updates, feel free to mention those here or via PM.

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 08 Sep 2013, 02:59
by derevka
A couple of Tier gear points:

- Divine Insight will be the choice while we have 2pc T15's bonus. After breaking that, it is a bit more situational. Divine Insight should still be considered of FDCL is taken, given the reset proc on PoM can trigger FDCL-- though after 2pc, all 3 are strong choices depending on the encounter.

- FDCL should likely only be taken once 2pc T16 is acquired to leverage the added bonus via Serendipity. Prior to then, MB is the more reasonable choice.

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2013, 14:26
by nacktarn
I have a question about troll racial and a shadowfiend compared to the new mindbender. Whats scales better at this momment also how's gonna new mindbender scales with bereserking. In 5.2/5.3 Shadowfiend + Bereserking was the best racial combo for Healing Priest (mana regen) so im wondering if its change this time and should i go back to blood elf or even pandaren for flat 300 int bonus.

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2013, 07:57
by izuall
Hi Derevka.

I noticed that you still recomand to focus on haste until desired cap but, i checked your armory and you don't seems to focus on haste at all.

I was focusing on masterie since begening of MoP since 5.4 i tried Haste and i must say it far less efficient.

Would it be possible that your own dsired hast breakpoint is just ... Zero :D ?

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2013, 08:59
by Adinne
Actually what Derevka recommends is "Haste to your desired breakpoint (if there is one)". And I think he goes into a bit of a discussion on what to base it on.

Keep in mind that he's also doing Disc a lot, so his gearing strategy might be different than someone focusing on Holy exclusively.

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 16 Sep 2013, 14:58
by derevka
Adinne is right. I spend a lot of time swapping, and for me, I have some haste gear that I use to hit the BPs i need for spirit shell. The "desired breakpoint" for some is renew's BP... provided they are casting it so others dont.

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 25 Sep 2013, 09:43
by Frungy
So where do you all see holy priests for this tier? Holy has the potential to have the best throughput, but soooooooooo much of our heals go into overhealing. Our burst healing is terrible unless we have lucky DI procs, so it seems like we only excel on fights where there's constant raid damage.

How are holy priests healing in 25m? Do just spam PoH on every group down the line to put up echo, and have echo handle most of our healing (All while using the DI and FoL procs)? With 15k spirit, I can pretty much do this forever... but there has to be a better way to get less overheal and more real healing done... right?

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2013, 08:08
by Udain
Holy is fairing well in 25 man - but feels better in heroic where we see more significant damage and aren't over-healed by Disc, Monks and shaman.

Tier 16 2 set is the key imo - once you can start using this in conjunction with lucidity procs and FDCL things start to improve. On lucidity procs I push out glyphed BH, stack serenity, then use a glyphed CoH to follow, or if of CD Divine star if selected for the fight.
I am tending to stack haste to 7082 for the extra ticks and again - if healing is light will push out renew from lucidity/ cast aoe holy word on proc as well
Tbh, rotation is really fluid,changing and a lot of fun, disc is again competable against HURRAH. Yes you will still use PoH - but now aim to get it fully stacked, 40% haste/40% mana efficient and pushing 100% buffed from Tier bonus
I am REALLY looking forward to getting the 4 set bonus...yum

Re: [H2P] Into the Mists: Holy Priest Edition 5.4

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2013, 01:57
by Callu
Frungy wrote:So where do you all see holy priests for this tier? Holy has the potential to have the best throughput, but soooooooooo much of our heals go into overhealing. Our burst healing is terrible unless we have lucky DI procs, so it seems like we only excel on fights where there's constant raid damage.

How are holy priests healing in 25m? Do just spam PoH on every group down the line to put up echo, and have echo handle most of our healing (All while using the DI and FoL procs)? With 15k spirit, I can pretty much do this forever... but there has to be a better way to get less overheal and more real healing done... right?

When logs show my EoL overhealing is high, I reforge some mastery into haste. Mastery is great when pushing the limits or constant incoming damage. Haste (and crit) is good for burst healing. Haste also happens to be good for heal swiping, which helps to bring that overheal down!